AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack Dating!

AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack
Sean Lowe's ex and Emily Maynard's ex are now a couple.

It's an unlikely match but AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack are now dating! According to US Weekly Magazine, The AshLee and Brad first met at an event in Texas, and have been happily hanging out ever since.

 Recently AshLee posted a photo of them, tweeting "Game day. Who's the real winner here? #Astros #twoTexaskids #wgt"

Do you think Brad and AshLee Frazier make a good couple? 


Bren said...

OMG, now that's some funny chit there!

Anonymous said...

Does Brad Womack use an alias now Brad Smith??? Ashlee is way too ready to settle down and a bit needy for him . No way this is true

Trish said...

Brad Smith was the bachelor Canada. I wouldn't put Brad Womack and Ashlee F together, but if it is working then good for them.