The Bachelor's Selma Alameri Answers your Burning Questions!

In this NEW media interview with The Bachelor, Selma Alameri, she opens up about (possibly) finding love with Sean Lowe, her non-kissing rule, and the most talked about girl in the house, Tierra. 

Did you know that Sean Lowe was the Bachelor going into this? 
Selma: I went in with the hopes that it was Sean but we didn't find out until the night before that it was and I was definitely happy about it because he is at the end of the day just such a perfect human being, you know.

Do you think your non-kissing rule affected your relationship with Sean? 
Selma Alameri: I did feel like it did put me at a disadvantage.  I was afraid of that coming into it and I explained that to my family also.  I was like you know I'm going (on the show) to win someone's heart so all these other woman can show their affection and I can't.  You know I'm afraid that he's going to take it as I don't really like him.  But at the end of the day, Sean is just such an amazing man that he totally understood and it really didn't matter. 

How did you feel about the drama in the house with Tierra
Selma: I tried to keep myself out of the drama because I was just trying to stay focused on one thing and one thing only, but there was so much drama with her. Looking back at it, I'm like oh my God, this girl is just so much drama, like how did I even tolerate this?
If you do end up with Sean in the end, will he fit into your strict family?

Selma: Every guy I've ever dated is American, so he would have definitely fit right in.  You know he just had to stand the test of time for that moment...My brother-in-law is actually blonde hair, blue eyes, a catholic, very American and our family is American.

Were you surprised that he sent Amanda home? 
Selma: Honestly, I wasn't surprised that he sent her home because I didn't see a connection between them. I liked Amanda.  I thought she was very different and quiet but she wasn't mean or crazy or conniving or anything by no means.  She was just sort of quiet, you know.

Who was your close friends in the house? 
Selma: I really did but I would have to say I was closest with AshLee...I really did enjoy all the girls that lived in the house.  They were all amazing. Well, with the exception of one.

Were you (or are you) in love with Sean? 
 Selma: Definitely, definitely.

Will Tierra be at the Women Tell All episode to explain herself? Hopefully, Chris Harrison will put her in the hot seat!

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