Sean Lowe: "Why I sent Desiree Home"

Last night on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe couldn't decide whether to send Catherine or Desiree home. In the end, he sent Desiree Hartsock home broken-hearted, telling him that he made a major mistake. Today, Sean tweets about why he sent Des home.

@SeanLowe09 Goodnight everyone. Love y'all. Even those who are telling me I'm an idiot. I know that's just the bachelor juice talking.

@SeanLowe09 She was great but I'm choosing the one who's best for me. Incredible woman but not my wife.

@SeanLowe09 Des' parents were the nicest people ever...Her brother not so much.

Should Sean have sent Desiree home? Should Desiree be the next Bachelorette?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Desiree will have a problem with her brother's accepting any guy whom she would take home to meet her family, even if she were "The Bachelorette." I was proud that Sean kept his "cool" throughout the episode and I agree that the brother was the major reason Sean sent Desiree home.

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for the family, you could tell they were all scared of the brother/son. They would talk to him but were afraid he may explode. Maybe Des should get a chance at being the next bachelorette? I didn't fall in love with her but with the girls left, she is my fav. Give the girl a try - all american girl with the hostile brother who just wants best for his lil sis. and beautiful mom&dad with BIG HEARTS!