Sean Lowe Blogs about the Tierra Drama!

In his Bachelor Blog for People Magazine, Sean Lowe explains in his own words why he kept Tierra, even after all the drama. Here is what he had to say:

Sean Lowe on the Tierra drama: "The rose ceremony frustrated me because no one would give me specific reasons why Tierra was not good for me. I was listening to what they had to say, but they weren't supporting their opinions with any details. I was in the dark and I chalked up their disdain for her to Tierra simply being out of place in this environment....It simply came down to chemistry."

Why Sean Lowe sent Robyn Howard home: "The decision to send Robyn home wasn't easy because I truly enjoyed our time together, but I also knew that we didn't share the same chemistry that I had in my other relationships."

Tune into the Bachelor tonight (Tuesday) for a special episode! 

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