'The Bachelor' Who was the girl in the wedding dress?

Lindsay Yenter: Is this Sean Lowe's future bride?
Lindsay Yenter really stood out on night one of The Bachelor. She wore a wedding dress out of the limo! Although, she regretted her decision to wear the white dress, Sean kept her around. So who is the girl who wore the wedding dress out of the limo?

Meet the Bachelorettes: Who is Lindsay Yenter?
Age: 24 Years Old
Occupation: Teacher
Hometown: Fort Bragg, NC
Siblings: Marcus Yenter 

Would you describe yourself more as "the party-starter," "the wingman," or "the laid back one"?
Lindsay: I honestly thing I am a bit of all three but if I must pick one I am "the party starter." It is important to me that everyone has fun :).

What's your worst date memory?
I got sent on a blind date with an old man!

What is the most romantic present you have given? Why?
I made my ex-boyfriend a drawing book when he studied abroad becauese he loves to draw. He loved it!

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