Q&A with Sean Lowe's sister, Shay!

Sean Lowe and his sister, Shay
If you want the inside scoop about the Bachelor. Check out Shay (Sean Lowe's sister), Bachelor blog!  In her new post, Shay gives the behind-the-scenes on The Bachelor!

Is the show still taping? Is Sean home now?
Shay: The show finished taping right before Thanksgiving.  Sean was home for Thanksgiving and has been home ever since.

How did Sean modify his diet while filming the show?
Shay: From what he tells me, he ate what was convenient.  Sean usually has a really healthy diet (with the occasional whoopie pie thrown in) but while filming the show, he ate what he could, when he could.  He was really busy the entire time.

 Am I not a fan of Tierra because I tweeted that (my daughter) Kensington said "no Seanie!  Get rid of her!"?
Shay: Right now, I have two types of knowledge.  I know what I know because the show is wrapped and I've had almost 2 months to learn a lot about what's going to unfold.  And now, I'm also getting to know the specific details as I watch the show live with you guys.  That being said, I have some opinions about Tierra but most of them come from the "coming up on this season" clips that they show at the end of each episode.  As for Kensington's comment...it was just funny that she was so quiet about all of the other girls but then really got mad at her uncle for not tossing Tierra out.

Check out Shay's full Bachelor Q&A here!

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