Chris Harrison's Blogs about the Bachelor, Week 2!

In his NEW blog for Entertainment Weekly, Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, shares his thoughts about The Bachelor, Episode 2.

 Why did Sean pick Sarah for the free fall date? "So, Sean picked Sarah for the first extreme date of the season and that can mean good things. There’s Bachelor history on her side. Very often, the girl that gets the extreme date goes very far with the Bachelor. If their date and chemistry are any indication, I think this is going to be the case again."

The practical joke on Desiree: "My favorite thing about this week’s episode was easily the elaborate practical joke we played on Desiree. I have to really give it up to our producers and our art department who are always impressive pulling off a normal date, but they had to really pull out all the stops to make this work like it did. The studio was so incredibly transformed into an art gallery I really couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. I had a blast being a part of it. I was happy to see Desiree had as much fun with it as we did. This prank really broke the ice for the two of them and set up their relationship in a great way. The rest of their date was easy, romantic and hopeful. She got the rose and like many women in the house, can already Sean as her boyfriend. The only problem with that is when this many women are falling for the Bachelor, there’s bound to be drama."

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