'The Bachelor:' Who is Sean Lowe?

He is the handsome Bachelor who tried to win Emily Maynard's heart. Get to know our newest Bachelor, Sean Lowe!
Nice abs, Sean Lowe!
Bachelor Bio
Name: Sean Lowe, star of The Bachelor
Age: 28 years old
Height: 6’3”
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Sean's values: He wants to propose once, be married once and live a faithful family life, like his parents, who have had a loving 35-year union. Sean has a clear vision of what his life would be like with that one special woman. He wants to be the patriarch of a family that is centered on faith, love and laughter. He is eager to be a supportive husband that will encourage his wife to chase her dreams, as well as someone who she can rely on to help her through good and bad times. Quite simply, he is looking for his best friend. Sean also wants a big family and would love to adopt a child along with having his own – just so long as he can pass along the values he was taught to his kids.
Sean's Family: Lowe’s close-knit family also includes a sister, Shay, who was introduced to her husband by Sean. The two men were best friends on their college football team. Shay and her husband have two children. (Did you know Shay and husband, Andrew, submitted Sean to be the Bachelor on Emily's season and he had no idea!!).

Career: Although he started off his career in finance, he followed in his father’s footsteps in the insurance industry before committing to his new enterprise, owning and running an upscale, custom furniture business.

Source: ABC

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