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Former Bachelorette, Jessie Sulidis blogs about Bachelor Canada, Women Tell All!
The Bachelor: Women Tell All is always a fan favourite of the season as all the girls get back together after seeing and hearing all the nasty things they’ve said about each other behind camera throughout the journey. It’s so funny to see reactions and the girls confront each other and Brad. Here’s my summary:
Gabrielle: She just talks the talk. Half the time she doesn’t pronounce her words right or speak with any tact. I think she just likes to open her mouth. She always seems to be dishing out hate and negativity towards the other contestants—like she’s perfect. I think she needs to develop more of a social filter. I agreed when Britney said, "telling the truth is just your opinion and was totally bullying." Didn’t your mother teach you little white lies keep people’s feelings from being hurt? There seems to be a love hate relationship with the other girls and Gabrielle. It was nice to see her apologize to the girls that she offended and maybe this will have her work on her social filter a bit. 
Gabrielle attempts to apologize on Women Tell All
I really like the bit on real boobs vs fake boobs in the house. You know, every girl in Canada was wondering the same thing while watching. The Canadian version is much more comical, laid back and real. I really dig this season.
I also really enjoyed Tyler’s performance last night. I thought he was hilarious and came up with some great reactions and one liners.
Chantelle: I still don't get how Chantelle is the most popular bachelorette. I think she showed up at the wrong casting call. Disney princess auditions were in the other room. I do agree with her strong morals and that she's a great leader but I can’t stand to watch one more episode with her. 
Laura B: She is such a cute girl. It's true what she said about making friends with the girls in the house. On my season, we all became friends as well and found it harder to leave each other than Jake Pavelka. To be honest, I don't think anyone had an issue leaving Jake.  Every time they go back to the 2-on-1 date I can’t stop laughing at Brad's Pink Shirt and Blue Jacket combo. Looks like a carnie dressed him.  Makes me crave cotton candy! I thought it was super sweet of Brad to praise Laura and tell her she’s an amazing girl and her confidence will come.
Brad Smith is mine!
Whitney:  It's true and I said it every week, she's starving for attention (the one thing Gabby and I agree on). I also agree with Ana that Whitney just wanted to be number one.  I have to feel some sympathy for Whitney though as I know it’s a tough process and it can bring the worst out of people. I have to say it's also hard sitting in the hot seat. So kudos to her for getting up there knowing she was going to take a lashing. 
I was brought up to the hot seat for The Bachelorette with the Justin "Rated R" scandal so I know that pressure and the nerves you get before walking onto that stage. Luckily, I didn't have anyone there to try and rip me apart like she did. Hopefully, she learns from this experience and walks away with a great life lesson and who knows, maybe Brad too. 
Kara: Loved her red dress. She was by far the most fun, adorable and sporty girl this season.  She carries herself with such class. Her and Britney were definitely my favourite all season.
Tyler Harcott works the crowd
I have to say I don't know how many more Rimmel commercials I can handle during Bachelor Canada: "Get the London Look", no thanks and if I did I would just take a chisel to my teeth. I also loved that Brad was so confident as he took on the rest of the girls in the hot seat. That can be so intimidating with 20 ex-girlfriends there looking to rip you apart. Such nice words he shared with Laura though and I liked how he put Tia in her place.  
The bloopers were hilarious. I died laughing at the champagne coming out of his nose. Too funny. Great to see a Bachelor with some personality for once. Looking forward to watching with you all next week! I’m going to be TEAM BIANKA!
Until Next Week! 
Jessie Sulidis 

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