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Former Bachelorette, Jessie Sulidis blogs about Bachelor Canada, Episode 6! 
Last night’s Bachelor Canada episode was everyone’s favourite---the overnight dates! This is where Brad really gets to know the girls behind closed doors (without the production and crew of 50 watching their every move). This is the moment where they actually can be themselves and connect.  The thing I love about Bachelor Canada is their timing—2 hours is way too long in my opinion and the Canadians nailed it without dragging it out. One thing for sure is that this season seems to be over way earlier than the American Bachelor. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. We’re already at the finale after next weeks’ Women Tell All. Maybe they ran over budget with all the elaborate dates and had to axe more girls weekly. Who knows!
So here’s my breakdown of the Top 3 Girls:
Kara Henderson:
I think Kara is the most stunningly beautiful girls they had on the show this season, however, I found her a little immature. She’s super sweet but I agree with Brad about not being certain she was ready for marriage yet. She still has a lot to experience and learn about herself. She was always great to watch as she seemed the most happy-go-lucky sane girl on the show. She never got wrapped up in the drama and never brought up insecurities about other girls being there. I think if she had waited and done the show 2-3 years later he would have chosen her. She won’t have any problems finding a date now! You go girl! 
Whitney Lee:
I cannot stand this girl. Her looks are very deceiving though as she looks about 32 but acts and is only 24 years old. I expected so much more out of her after the first episode but she went downhill immediately consuming herself in all the house drama.  If you can’t get along with anyone in the house there is always a reason like Vienna Girardi on my season. I think she acts very selfish and I think she pretends to be over confident because she lacks it so much on the inside. It seems that every episode she tries to make it all about her. I can’t believe Brad has put up with her this long. If she’s this crazy in the first few weeks, she’s going to be a complete monster for a lifetime. Let her go! I know that this is a tough process and it can bring ugly qualities out but it’s a learning experience and I hope she gains something from watching herself this season.  I especially loved when Brad called her on her selfish acts at the end of the Rose Ceremony and made her apologize to Kara.
Bianka Kamber:
I was never a fan of Bianka from the start but she has definitely grown on me and I think she’s the most suited for Brad in his remaining Top 3. I like how she’s not overly aggressive with him and that she gives him a little challenge. Seems to be working. I think she’s the most mature of the girls left and that she is opening up more every week. He seems to have a lot of fun with her and loves the mystery she creates.
Whitney, Kara and Bianka
I have to say how much I loved the girl’s dresses and how well put together all three looked at the rose ceremony last night. I especially loved Kara’s pink lipstick, with the subtle eye linger, little black dress paired with a sparkly belt! So cute. Loved it.
I can’t wait to see the Women Tell All next week. Looks like it’s going to be a catty disaster as they bring back all the girls and they attack on Whitney. It’s always the best episode as the girls have had a chance to watch all season and hear all the back stabbing comments that occurred.  I remember how long our filming was and how they kept us all separate in green rooms so we couldn’t plan what we were going to say with the other girls—we had to take our producers advice and go with what they suggested. This is how the drama is heightened as you never know what is going to be brought up.
Until Next Week! 
Jessie Sulidis 
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