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Former Bachelorette, Jessie Sulidis, (and her boyfriend Jordan) talks Bachelor Canada, Episode 3! 

Who is Nicole? She showed up on episode 3, out of no where! It reminds me of myself on my season of The Bachelor. Ha! Usually the good sane girls get less air time. I like her already! The second date brought the girls on a trip to Mexico. We totally got ripped off on my season. Bachelor Canada must have some good sponsorship! Every week there's some amazing destination. 
1-on-1 with Bianka: Bianka stood out most in Mexico. She plays hard to get but I feel it won't work in a situation like this because there are 11 other girls giving him attention. But apparently it worked for her this time. Won't last long. Bianka was my cousin's next door neighbour when she dated Kris Humphries. I guess he likes the diva challenge like a Kardashian. I'm over it. Grow up!  Holding onto the past doesn't do any good. 
Bianka, You're a pretty girl and don't need to play games. I will be surprised to see her last until the end but you never know. I was surprised she got the 1-on-1 date and we got to see her open up a bit. That will get you further. Well at least we know that if the date went badly, Brad could have thrown her overboard in the anchor t-Shirt and let her sink to the bottom. In order to have a proper healthy relationship, you need to get to know someone in a private setting by communicating and spending time together in real life situations. 
I feel once the show ends, they may feel differently towards one another. These couples may like each other a lot but they are more in love with the idea of being in love than they are with the actual person. The (Bachelor) relationships seldom work out because they rush into engagements without really knowing how the other person deals with challenges in day to day life.
Brad Smith and Kara at Sierra West Ranch
Last night's Bachelor Canada episode was a lot more tame than the others. We got to know the girls better without all the added drama. I got to watch tonight with my boyfriend Jordan who was in town for a couple days to help us move into our new condo!

1-on-1 with Kara: The first date of the night was the 1-on-1 with Kara. They hopped aboard a private helicopter to a ranch in South Western Alberta. My boyfriend liked this date as he's from Alberta and commented how his grandparents lived in the area. 1-on-1 dates are the most crucial dates as this is where you actually get to (somewhat) know one another without the other girls there. Going by the American show, the girls with early 1-on-1 dates stick around to be in the top 5. 
I kept going on about how great Brad looked last night but my boyfriend wrote this line while I was in the bathroom on commercial break "Brad is quite attractive but my boyfriend makes him look like a mutt cause he is so hot." I had to leave that one in. I really like Kara and it appears Brad does to. As Brad said, "no one can back up a horse like Kara". I can tell Brad likes his brunettes. 

Brad Smith gets some bikini time in Mexico

Both Jordan and I agree Brad needs to run from Gabrielle. It's a shame she is from my hometown in Oakville. We need to represent! She just doesn't know how to speak with class or intelligence. Odd since she is a law student.

Bachelor behind-the-scenes: One thing I need to address is that no one overhears anything. Bachelor producers do and start the confrontation. This is what happened with Gabrielle and Bianca. I witnessed it all through my season and when I was on Bachelor pad. I remember Krisily telling me she never heard my conversation in the hot tub with Dave but the producers had her tape a scene afterwards that made it look that way. 

Brad and the ladies enjoy a concert by Dean Brody
Group Date: I was so jealous for the final date of the evening. Dean Brody is an amazing country artist. I wish I could have seen live. Those lucky girls. I felt this was the most  challenging date with the lumberjack challenge. I still swear I could have knocked Whitney off into the water. This was also the date when Chantelle told Brad she was a virgin. It was nice to see him make her feel very confident in her decision to tell him but I wonder if it scared him off camera. I remember when Corrie from my season told Jake (Pavelka) she was a virgin and he sent her packing that night! It must be hard for Chantelle as most of the other girls seem to use their sexuality to attract him. It will be fun to see what prevails. 

My boyfriend, Jordan, wanted to write him own blurb tonight. This is what he thinks about the Bachelor/Bachelorette process: 

"I'm skeptical of the entire Bachelor/ Bachelorette process in general.  It does make for interesting TV to see how these people develop their "relationships" but I feel that it's hard to truly develop feelings for someone without doing the things that happen in real life. The dates are all amazing and elaborate but what happens when you are in a relationship after the show? You have to live a normal life and you don't get to travel around and do great things all the time."

Looking forward to seeing the love and tears as the Bachelor gets closer to his final lady. 
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