Reality Steve on his "friendship" with Bachelor Pad's Erica Rose

In his NEW blog post, Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, writes about his "friendship with Erica Rose.

Reality Steve blogs, "I have received unsolicited communications with a lot people in the “Bachelor” franchise. The producers know this, which is why they are on a witch hunt to get me. They HATE the fact that some of the their contestants like me and they seem to be doing anything they can to get them to turn on me. Well, one of them did. Her name is Erica Rose. Erica and I have been friends for well over a year. I’ve got one years worth of text messages in my phone to prove it. She’s someone that I’ve talked to on numerous occasions, have met three or four times to hang out, mostly about non-Bachelor/ette/Pad related stuff, and someone that, up until recently, I thought was a good friend. Boy was I wrong. Through my conversations with her since filming ended, even though I thought I was not breaching my agreement that I signed, it seems to me that I was set up by Erica and she turned over a few of my texts (taken out of context) to the producers of the show."

 Bachelor Pad's Erica Rose took to twitter to comment on the situation: @EricaTheRose "So in response to the whole @realitysteve drama. I was just doing what I needed to do to protect myself legally. I wish that it did not have to happen because we were friends. It is unfortunate that we couldn't keep our friendship and him seeking information separate."

Who do you think is right? 

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