The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Recap!

"The Best of the Worst: To kick off the show, we get a trip down memory lane to a little house where all roses go to die. The highlight reel included the time when Kalon called Emily’s daughter “baggage” and she told him to “get the [bleep] out.” And when Ryan and his weird beard called Emily a trophy wife. And then there was that guy, Doug, who kissed her while she was dumping him. Everyone gets a gold star of awkward!

Biggest Surprise: Emily swears like a drunk longshoreman at a wedding. Some very revealing outtakes show Emily cussing like Bluebeard’s Ghost after she spills wine on her dress during her date at the Greenbriar. “Motherf—er! F—, y’all! I just spilled it all over my dress!” She quickly adds, “And I said the F-word in front of my date! I’m supposed to be a lady!”

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