'The Bachelorette 2012' Who is single dad, Doug Clerget?

Meet Doug Clerget, the single dad who received the first impression rose from Bachelorette, Emily Maynard.

Who is Doug Clerget? 

Age: 33
Hometown: Seattle, WA

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring with you and why?
Salt water to fresh water kit, a fishing pole with appropriate lures and a flare gun with lots of flares

If you wanted to impress a woman what would you do and why?
Be there very time they needed me so that they know I was dependable. Not enough guys know how to take care of people anymore.

I hate it when my date:
Is hard to talk to or rude to people or only cares about superficial things.

What's your best date memory?
A really long hug at the end of a first date with my ex. Neither one of us wanted to let the other go. It was nice.

Tattoo Count:

Back and Ribs

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