Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson still together!

After the Bachelor Final Rose episode, you might be wondering if Ben and Courtney are still together. According to the Bachelor himself, Ben and Courtney are very happy and in love. He posted the above photo on his Twitter feed saying that it's their first photo together out in public. A source tells US Weekly that "I saw Ben and Courtney dining with two other guests in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. She was wearing her ring and they looked cozy." Ben Flajnik insists that he and Courtney are trying to make it work because they are truly in love.

What are your thoughts? Will Ben and Courtney last?


Anonymous said...

I just want Ben and Courtney to know that I understand why Courtney acted so awfully..and I like her alot...she was my pick for Ben from the start

Shari D. said...

Courtney was not my pick from the start but she IS the one who he picked and loves. I wish them both happiness and a long life together. All the haters need to quit and move on.