Bachelor Spoiler Alert: Shawntel Newton comes back!

Remember Shawntel Newton? She was the funeral director on Brad Womack's season. Well, Shawntel is making a re-appearance on this season of The Bachelor.

According to Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, Shawntel is the mystery woman who we saw in the clip. Here's what he writes:

-Shawntel first appears on the show at the cocktail party on the night of the San Francisco rose ceremony.

-Her reasoning for being on the show? Well, she wanted to date Ben. If you go back to her Twitter account during Ashley’s season, Shawntel made it known to the whole world she had a crush on Ben. I’m guessing this is where they got the idea to bring her on.

-Shawntel shows up at the Fairmont hotel during the cocktail party and talks to Ben. Essentially tells him she thinks there could be something between them, they live close to each other, and she’d like the chance to date him, but, she will leave it up to him by giving him a chance to think about it and decide at the rose ceremony if he wants to give her a rose.
-Well, that pretty much backfired since Ben does not give her a rose at the rose ceremony and she’s sent home.

- What’s funny in all this is I’m guessing Shawntel was pretty confident Ben would want to keep her around, or else why would she agree to do it? And hell, I’m sure the producers thought he’d keep her around. I’ve heard from numerous sources that Ben and Shawntel had definitely had communication before last Friday night in terms of speaking with each other. I don’t think they’d ever met up, or gone out on a date, but I know they had texted, emailed, and tweeted each other before. So naturally, she probably thought she had a chance. I guess Ben didn’t since he sent her packing a few hours after she arrives. Sucks for her.

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