The Bachelor Re-cap: Episode 3

Another dramatic episode of The Bachelor, Episode 3. Check out the re-cap from!

"Ben is back in San Francisco, and his first order of business is to meet up with his sister Julia for ice tea and a recap of the "ladies" he's found most memorable so far: Lindzi, Kacie B., Courtney, Emily, and Jennifer. (Does he even remember the other Casey?) I'm sure he probably said something nice about all the remaining "ladies," but who has time for that? Harrison's already gathered the women in their hotel suite to run down their week: one group date and two do-or-die one-on-one dates. The first date card goes to Emily, and she's a little overwhelmed about the card's "love lifts us up" message.
"I'm scared of heights!" she squawks. "This is my first time with him. What am I going to wear? Is he going to like me? What the heck does it mean to be 'lifted up'? Does this involve heights? Am I going to pee my pants?" I doubt it, honey. That kind of stuff usually only happens on Flavor of Love."

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