The Bachelor Season 16: Meet Lyndsie J!


The Bachelor: Who is Lyndsie J?

Age: 29

Occupation: Internet Entrepreneur

Hometown: London, England

What are your 3 best attributes?
Outgoing, Funny, REAL

Do you like being the center of attention?
Center of attention! I'm the most outgoing, open-minded person you will ever meet. I love to have fun and live life to the fullest! I love to entertain & make people smile, laugh and have a good time. So being the center of attention allows me to do this.

What is the best trip you have been on & why?
Port Douglas, Australia. My family and I rented a house near the beach and went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. The people in the town were amazing, the food was delicious, the Great Barrier Reef is spectacular and I was with my family.

Tattoo Count:

What's your worst date memory?
The time my date crashed my car into a pole and didn't pay to fix it.

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