The Bachelor Episode 1 Sneak Peek!

The Bachelor Season Premiere MONDAY, JANUARY 2, 2012 ON ABC!

Here's a sneak peek from The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 1 with Ben Flajnik. 

Ben Flajnik meets his 25 Women: Ben meets an attractive young law student who informs the Bachelor that he's been found guilty - of being sexy! A germ-conscious epidemiologist sanitizes both herself and Ben, and then promptly steals the season's first kiss. But nothing can prepare Ben for the moment the limo door opens and a senior citizen steps out! Who is this grandmother who wants to date Ben? It turns out that the granny actually wants to introduce Ben to her granddaughter. Ben is relieved.

Meet some of the Women on this season of The Bachelor! 

The Cocktail Party: Once inside the mansion, the competition for Ben's attention heats up. An easy-going woman and a sweet divorcee both make an early play for the Bachelor, while the sexy equestrian proves she is equally as charming without the horse. But Ben's older admirer advises him that he needs a family-oriented woman. The pressure mounts when Chris brings out the "first impression" rose, as one woman after another attempts to win Ben's heart and the rose. One athletic woman corners Ben for a quick soccer game; a sassy personal trainer demands he do pushups; a gorgeous model seduces him and a charming scholar demonstrates her "gangsta" side by performing a rap she wrote just for him. But drama erupts when the pressure proves to be too much for one sensitive young woman.

Ben sends 7 women home...

Here is a sneak peek of what happens later in the season of The Bachelor!

- "For the first group date, Ben and 12 of the women audition for and act in a theater production completely run by children. After showing the ladies his hometown of Sonoma, Ben brings the remaining women to his second home, beautiful San Francisco,where one nervous bachelorette struggles to overcome her worst fear when she and Ben scale San Francisco's Bay Bridge. And the daring Bachelor even invites some of the women to ski down the city's rolling streets.

- One lucky lady is taken on a VIP tour of Ben's San Francisco, which ends with a private romantic concert by platinum recording artist Matt Nathanson at historic City Hall. The pristine mountains of Park City, Utah, are the backdrop for a private concert with country music superstar Clay Walker. A competitive day of fly fishing in a quiet Utah valley forces the women out of their comfort zone.

- The remaining bachelorettes break out their sun tan lotion and bikinis when Ben whisks them away to tropical Vieques, Puerto Rico, where sparks fly when one sexy woman goes moonlight skinny-dipping with the Bachelor. An exciting trip to the Central American country of Panama leads to a boat ride deep into the Panamanian jungle, where Ben and a group of women spend the day with a local tribe. Then it's on to the lush tropical paradise of Belize. One nervous bachelorette jumps from a helicopter into Belize's famous Great Blue Hole. A fun-filled catamaran adventure turns to panic when the women discover they are going swimming with sharks.

- Finally, after spending passionate weeks in the hot tropics, Ben brings his final three women to Switzerland for a dramatic change of scenery for the exotic dates and the finale." Is Ben Flajnik engaged? Wait and see.  Tune into the Bachelor Monday, January 2nd!
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