Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: Holly Should've Told Michael About the Engagement

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TV Guide: So are you shocked that Holly and Blake are engaged?
I was surprised it happened so fast, but those two are just on this meteoric ride to the stars. Everybody is taking Michael's side and everyone can feel for him; so that's why I don't go out of my way to stick up for Michael — you don't need to. But Holly, I feel, is a little bit misunderstood. Was it handled perfectly? Absolutely not.

Holly says she couldn't talk to Michael before — is that true?
The phones were taken away the night before, but the proposal happened three days prior. There was plenty of time. And, honestly, she could demand, "I'm not going on the show until I talk to Michael" — and she chose not to do it. I don't want to bury Holly, but in that respect I was surprised and I think part of it was that she was scared. If you notice my awkwardness when I was telling Michael it was because I kept waiting for Holly to jump in. It was not my place to tell Michael what was going on.

He seemed to handle it well, though.
People need to understand that Michael and Holly had talked many times and it was very much over. Michael did not come into this show thinking they had a possibility they were getting back together. He knew that not only were they broken up, but that Holly and Blake were in love and moving to South Carolina. He's a big boy and he knew what was going on ... The only thing he didn't know was that she had a ring on her finger.   Check out the full interview here!

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