Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' season premiere


Chris Harrison's BACHELOR PAD blog! "When I was told who would be moving into Bachelor Pad this season I had high expectations. Those expectations didn’t come close to the drama and excitement that will unfold over the next six weeks. I remember sitting in the control room that very first night and someone jokingly said, “This is so good we’re going to need a three hour premiere.” We all laughed because in this day and age of ADD, channel-surfing viewers there’s no such thing as a three-hour show. Turns out that little joke became a reality. We had so much to show you this first week it had to be three hours — just think about what we have to show you when things really get good!" Read his full blog posting here!

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Anonymous said...

Really a sad commentary on humanity last night, Chris. Vienna is so disgusting it is hard to believe there is someone out there that amoral.

I hope she gets voted off soon, but alas, I am sure she will be kept on for the ratings...not because she is anything important, but because sick people like her, draw other folks in.

I hope Kasey moves on quickly when he sees the replay...he is a strange guy, but he is a nice guy and deserves so much better.

BTW, we all see through Vienna's fake tears...she is a real piece of work. I am not sure I will keep watching. Hard to watch such crap!