Every Bachelorette fan is wondering, will Bentley Williams make an appearance at the MEN TELL ALL? ABC will not confirm whether Bentley, possibly the most hatred man in bachelor history, will make an appearance on the show but you can bet Ashley and the guys will have a lot to say about him!

The Men Tell All air date has been Rescheduled for Sunday, July 31, due to the July holiday. 

Chris Harrison speaks about the MEN TELL ALL
Chris writes in his new blog posting, "I just sat down with Ashley this week in preparation for the Men Tell All special airing later this month. She too has felt the wrath of the media and even fans concerning her handling of the Bentley situation. It’s hard to explain to people that despite what they saw, Ashley did not see any of what Bentley was saying behind the scenes. She had that initial warning from Michelle Money to begin with, but even Michelle said she wasn’t sure how valid the info was. So while Ashley had some trepidation, it wasn’t anything that would make her run for the hills. Add that to the fact that the guy was smooth and essentially played her, and she actually handled the situation quite well. In the end you have to remember she came to the same conclusion you did. She figured out the guy wasn’t legit and has major issues. Ashley’s journey is really just about to take off, and from here on out this season is fantastic. In some ways it’s just beginning for her and for the guys..." 


Anonymous said...

Oh please, come on! a woman that swallow that excuse of "oh, I miss my daughter, I gotta leave.. but let this with a dot, dot, dot.. ok?" Are you kidding me? a woman with dignity will say: "Ok, good luck! NEXT!" and won't cry for a man that just hung out with less than a month! He knew when he sign a contract with ABC, that he will be away from his daughter, so? why the excuse at that moment? A smart person will realize immediately that was a just an excuse and he wasn't into her! otherwise he would have stayed! again: he knew he was going to be away from his daughter! the other guys were sacrificing to be with their families too, to be away from their jobs to be with her. So don't come here with that ridiculous excuse of "she didn't know what he was saying behind her back"!!

Anonymous said...

It didn't take much for her to think Oh MY God I have a connection.She said that at least once every episode with at least one different guy.Her crying was annoying and she fell for just about all of them. I love JP-but she picked him to show her nasty sister she wasn't going to listen to her. I also feel the same as bentley the other girl should have been on the show not Ashely