Chris Harrison's Interview with Emily Maynard

The Bachelor's Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Split
Emily Maynard

Next week, Bachelor host sits down with Emily Maynard as she tearfully talks about her break-up with Brad Womack for the first time. Here's what Chris Harrison says in his latest blog post at

"This was an interview I definitely did not expect to do and did not enjoy in the least. Both Brad and Emily are friends of mine, and we all really thought the next time we saw them would be to plan their wedding. Many have asked why we only sat down with Emily and not Brad. I talked to Brad several times leading up to this interview and have talked to him since. While he gave his blessing for Emily to speak on their behalf, his emotions are still just too raw and he wasn’t ready to speak openly about it all yet. I respect that decision and told him I was extremely sorry we had to do this interview at all.
Both Brad and Emily completely understand the public attention. After all they got engaged in front of millions of you on national TV. Emily and I will discuss this fact, but we will also touch on how the media and even some fans have taken things a bit too far and have crossed the line of decency. This is unfortunately part of our lives now. In this day and age of tabloid magazines that go to incredibly desperate lengths to stir up a story, bloggers who have absolutely no culpability for what they write, and paparazzi that could care less about the people they are hunting down, there is a scary atmosphere out there for people on our show as well as others. Ashley is unfortunately getting a first hand lesson on this as well.

I just sat down with her this week in preparation for the Men Tell All special airing later this month. She too has felt the wrath of the media and even fans concerning her handling of the Bentley situation. It’s hard to explain to people that despite what they saw, Ashley did not see any of what Bentley was saying behind the scenes. She had that initial warning from Michelle Money to begin with, but even Michelle said she wasn’t sure how valid the info was. So while Ashley had some trepidation, it wasn’t anything that would make her run for the hills. Add that to the fact that the guy was smooth and essentially played her, and she actually handled the situation quite well. In the end you have to remember she came to the same conclusion you did. She figured out the guy wasn’t legit and has major issues. Ashley’s journey is really just about to take off, and from here on out this season is fantastic. In some ways it’s just beginning for her and for the guys..."  Full blog posting here!

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