Ames Brown finds love on BACHELOR PAD 2!

Don't worry about Ames. Ames Brown, the man who Ashley Hebert sent home last night is doing just fine. Ames will appear on Bachelor Pad (airing August 8) and has found love with Jackie Gordon (Brad Womack's season). Bachelor Pad spoiler alert!  According to the website, "Jackie is eliminated in the second episode of Bachelor Pad 2 and, as the limo is pulling away from the mansion, Ames has a moment of clarity and realizes he really likes Jackie and chases after the limo. Once the limo stops, Ames gets in and rides off into the sunset with Jackie. That’s right, he eliminates himself for love."Read the full story here!

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~Bren~ said...

Thats awesome! I hope it works out for them. Ames seems to be such a gentleman and Jackie is adorable! Much happiness! :)