Chantal O'Brien "I am not Surprised about the Rumored Break-Up"

What has The Bachelor's Chantel O'Brien been up to since the show? She is still dating and in love with boyfriend, Jeff Razore (whom she met after filming the The Bachelor) and she is happier than ever!

In this new interview, Chantal talks about ending things with Brad Womack and her regrets about The Bachelor: 

Are you and Jeff still in love?
Chantal O'Brien: Yes!  I have met the love of my life and could not be happier!

How has life been lately?
Chantal: Life has been so good!  I am so happy that everything has calmed down and I have been able to get back to life as normal, but better than normal because I am in love!  Am I annoying you yet? Lol. 

What do you think of all the problems and rumored breakups that Brad and Emily have had?
Chantal: Here is the deal… I could be very pc in my answers to you, but let’s be real… If you liked me on the show at all it’s because I didn’t give bs responses :) right?  Let’s hope so.  The truth is I’m not surprised at all.  I don’t know the actual status of their relationship but I am guessing it isn’t all rainbows.  It’s hard to watch the person you just got engaged to make out and date other girls!  Add to that the bs tabloid stuff!  Most couples that have a solid foundation would struggle, let alone a new relationship.  Are any of us surprised?

Would you ever do another reality show?
Chantal: I was lying in bed last night trying to decide.  I really am not sure.  It would depend on what kind of show it was and where I was at in my life.  I would like to do a competition thing maybe like that show wipe out! 

Read the full interview with The Bachelor's Chantal O'Brien here! 

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