ABC brings Widowed Emily Maynard back to the Races

Heartbreak: Emily opened up to Brad about the loss of her fiancé and his profession as a NASCAR driver

The sweet and beautiful Emily Maynard is quickly becoming a Bachelor favorite. On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Brad takes Emily on a group date to the NASCAR races, unaware that her late husband was a race car driver.

Why did ABC take Emily on a NASCAR date?
Chris Harrison explains in his blog today... "Let me first explain how Emily actually ended up on this date. We planned all these trips and dates before Emily was ever cast on this show and we learned of her story. There were only three dates in Vegas, a one-on-one date, a group date, and the two-on-one date. Emily wasn’t getting the one-on-one as she had recently had one and Brad wanted to spend some time with Shawntel. Emily definitely wasn’t going to be put on the two-on-one date for several reasons, one being Brad didn’t want that. So that left one date, and that turned out to be the group date to the NASCAR track. Now with all that said, I’m not telling you at this point that we were completely naïve and didn’t know her story and that we didn’t discuss the situation... What we eventually decided to do is what we always decide to do when faced with situations like this: Don’t mess with the true emotion and situation."

Do you believe Chris Harrison's explanation or do you think ABC created this date to stir up more drama?


Anonymous said...

ABC knew all along. They wanted to create drama

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Chris! We don't believe you

Anonymous said...

I was one of the girls on The bachelor a long time ago (got kicked off on the first ceremony). ABC DEFINITELY knows what their doing. After all, it's TV.

Anonymous said...

They knew and they wanted drama...normally I wouldn't mind, but this was kind of cruel, don't you think?