The Bachelor: Interview with Ashley Spivey

'The Bachelor''s Ashley Spivey: I Loved Ashley H. More than Brad

Last week on The Bachelor, Ashley Spivey was sent home from Las Vegas brokenhearted. In the NEW interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ashley Spivey talks about why Brad chose Ashley H over her.

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Do you have a clue as to why Brad chose Ashley H. over you?
Ashley Spivey: I am upset that they didn't show more of the conversation because I think it would have shown the viewers more of why I was sent home. During the dinner conversation, it was really awkward and I made a comment that no matter what happens after this dinner, I am going to be brokenhearted. If Ashley H. got sent home, who was my best friend in the house and I knew how strongly she felt for Brad at that point, I would be brokenhearted. If I was sent home, I would be brokenhearted because I was looking forward to getting to know him better. After I said that, I could kind of tell that his mood changed.

Is there anyone that you feel is wrong for Brad?
Ashley Spivey: There was one person while I was there, who I knew they had a connection, but I wasn't sure if that connection was what Brad was saying he wanted in a wife. I felt they had more of a sexual connection. I would say that person is Chantal O. I think Brad says he wants a best friend and someone to make him feel better at the end of the day. I think Ashley H. and Emily fit that better. I think he has more of a sexual connection with Chantal O.

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