NEW Interview with Chris Harrison


TV interviews Bachelor host Chris Harrison about "crazy" Michelle Money and Madison Garton's abrupt departure.

From the interview... Do you think Michelle is watching the show and realizing how crazy she sounds?
One of two things will happen. She'll either own it and say, "I watched the show and I didn't realize I was like that." Or she will stick to her guns and say, "I was edited, I'm not like that and some people just don't get it." Were you surprised when and why Madison left?
Chris Harrison:
I think she came into this a little superficial and not necessarily sincere. Then when she was slapped in the face with Emily's story, I think she started feeling really guilty about it. In hindsight, if she'd do it again I think she would come in with a completely different perspective, attitude and energy. She realized there are people there who need this and I think she needs it too, but she just realized it a little too late. Madison was doing what Brad did three years ago. She was protecting herself from something, I don't know what, and I think it's why Brad kept her around. Brad even said, "You are making the same mistakes I made and I really hope you'll allow yourself to get to know somebody in the future."

You can read the full interview with Chris Harrison here!

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