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Natalie Getz first appeared on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor. Natalie and David Good went on to win the first season of ABC's Bachelor Pad! You can read Natalie's exclusive blog each week at www.topreasonstolovethebachelor.blogspot.com.

Natalie's Bachelor Blog: Episode One  
By: Natalie Getz

Last night as I was watching The Bachelor, I noticed soooo many of the cocktail dresses looked familiar.  I racked and racked and racked my brain to understand why, eventually turning to my high school year book as a reference.  I realized the dresses looked identical to half of those worn by others at my 1996 Freshman year of High School Prom.  Yes, that's right, I was asked to prom as a freshman.


Everyone has their own personal style, and I respect you for that.  But these are my opinions, okay?  Ladies (and feminine men) dressed with metal (rhinestones, brooches, jewelry, etc.) attached to them are super tacky.  It reminds me of a gaudy, rich trophy wife.  I won't name names, but Renee, Chantal, Stacey (cute and bold personality) and Melissa's gowns were sheer eye sores.  Wait, oops.  Keltie, the Radio City Rockette's dress did have some sort of jeweled, bedazzled detailing at the neckline, but the edginess of her flowing frock worked well with the design. She rocked it (pun intended).

Foot notes:
Meghan considers herself a fashionista....when? On opposite day?  Those pink shoes scared the be-Jesus out of me.  (Side note:  High heels disguised as a flat, never a good idea).   I love the girl from Kansas. :)  She rocked those Dorothy shoes! She pulled them off in a humorous way referencing their relevance to Kansas while still matching them up to her dress to make them pop.  Super cute.  She used a statement piece to show off a bit of her personality through her style. 

The GetzStyle Award of the week goes out to 3 beauties:  

Marissa: Brad even pointed out her awesome dress.  
Emily: The detailing was unique and sexy.  I was completely bummed that there were not more full length shots of this exquisite gown. It deserved at least a 10 second still shot.   
Lacey: This periwinkle dress could have been boring, but the intricate stitching and pattern of the bust line caught my eye, and was quite possibly my most favorite gown of the evening.

Shout outs to Rebecca for being completely put together with her hair, makeup and gown. Also, to Lisa for the ever so adorable black, bubble-cut, knee length dress. And Jackie certainly scored points for sporting an adorable dress as well, however, I really could have done without the pinky swearing.  I can't wait to see what the ladies wear next week!  Although, being a veteran of the show, all I can say is the fashion goes down hill from here when it comes to rose ceremony dresses.  We wear our cutest dress the first night, just in case we get eliminated.  The daytime, casual outfits are what I am more so looking forward to. Casual attire is so much more exciting then a boring dress!

I'm most impressed by:
Emily- Other then the fact that she had Brad at "Hello," she also was poised, confident, and seemingly the sweetest thing in the entire world.  She clearly has been through a lot and took the time to heal before jumping back into anything. This is a woman who understands herself and could be a potential strong backbone for the ever so fragile-in-love Bachelor.  I also love that she is great and natural on camera.  It's a hard thing to do, trust me.  Since she is so comfortable with the camera, she will be herself and Brad will love her for that.  On top of everything, her dress was incredible.

Ashley S- She squeezed his butt.  Enough said, she is my new best friend.  I also give her mad props for telling Brad she wasn't upset about his past.  I have more respect for him because he didn't put on a front for the sake of his image by choosing a girl to marry his first time around.  He was obviously looking for love with a mature approach.  This time, let's hope he finds her!!!

Britt- for no reason other then her gorgeous, luscious locks of hair that I want to steal.

Michelle- I feel bad that every women in America was more then likely hating on her. She is undeniably gorgeous, has a great smile and beautiful hair.  She is clearly there for the right reasons due to the fact that she brought up her daughter and was irritated by Vampira's games. 

Raichel- Cute dress, and she waxes men for a living.  Super rad! She is inadvertently hilarious. (Was that Jessie Beck's back side she was waxing in the beginning?).  He was hot non-the-less.  Let's look him up.  Crap my mind is drifting again....ok ok ok. 

Awkward Moments:
Butt Girl- Really? Come on! You seriously stood up and stuck your posterior in Brad's face asking if he could handle that jazz?  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  Start re-thinking your approach to a good conversation.  Not that I can say much, I LOVE BEARS!  Ugh- it will get the best of us......NEXT!

Sarah L- Sarah to Brad: "I have something to get off my chest....(anxiety and anticipation building, my heart is pounding. What's she going to say? WHAT'S SHE GOING TO SAY?!??!?!?)....I can't snap my fingers."  Game over, total deal breaker. 

Renee- I felt bad for her.  She tried so hard to sit next to Brad, but the only seat that was awaiting her was the backseat of a black limo. On the bright side, at least she can go home and buy issues of InStyle Magazine to spruce up her eye for style.  Dear God that dress........

Britnee- I get it, you were trying to make an impression.  Being high maintenance is the worst impression to make within seconds of meeting a man that YOU are there to meet.  Open the damn limo door yourself.

Jill- You are VERY open about your rush to get married.  There are several dating websites out there.  Pick one.  Several men are out there sharing your same itch of the marriage bug and conjunctional desires.

Shawntal- Let me just say: www.creepy.com/wtf-is-your-job?.org/dress/jaaaaaysus.edu!

Vampira (Madison)- I'll let your minds do the talking on this character.  Will she make for some interesting TV? Or will she just annoy us all with her bratty, teenage Twilight stage she seems to be going through?

Let's touch base on the actual episode.... Brad showed tremendous change in his outlook towards relationships. I can definitely relate to Brad when it comes to commitment.

It took me a few...(okay, 6 years) to be brave enough to give my heart away again.  I have pushed so many men away for years simply because I knew I wasn't ready to take that chance. 

Brad now realizes his issues and has been bold enough to seek a therapist, which I commend him for.  He is such a sweetheart!  I truly believe this time around, Brad will end up more happy then he could ever imagine. The Bachelor casting department went above expectations this season, casting brilliant, gorgeous, sweet girls.  I am loving the seriousness with Brad this time around.  He is calling girls out on their bull shit already (Ahem! Vampira).  I like that we got to see Brad's story back home right now.  (His Mom is such a peach). And his nephews and nieces are soooo cute!  I'm looking forward to seeing more of the little ones.  They could be good friend's with Emily or Michelle's daughters!   (Hmmmmmm......just a thought:)  The previews for next week look exciting!  I can't wait to get to know these girls more!

On a side note, as I watched the footage of Brad moving into his new stomping grounds, I had to giggle.   

David Good and I spent the night in that very same bed on our fantasy date during Bachelor Pad that Brad will now be sleeping in.

Hahahahahaha!  Can I say I have shared a bed with the infamous Brad Womack?  It's like being a freshman at the prom all over again.  Too cool for words, obvs.     

This first night was a little rough to sum up with sooooo many girls.  I'm excited to dig in deeper in their style, awkward moments, and limo tears next week.  In reference to one of the greatest artists of our time, I am sincerely hoping Brad isn't saying this at the end of his season: "Oops! I did it again." -Britney Spears

Natalie Getz


Emily said...

Loved all your funny and insightful comments! Only thing missing was pics of each bachelorette as I don't remember many of them by name alone, and remember even fewer of their dresses! Still, loved reading your take. Keep the blog posts coming!

Julia said...

LOVED your recap Natalie..hilarious!! Couldn't agree more about Emily :)

Katrina Vanagaitis said...

Haha absolutely loved it especially the part about Vampira girl! Summed it up in a nutshell! I think Emily and Ashley S. are complete sweethearts! Can't wait for next week!

Jillian Harris said...

Love you Natalie! So funny can't wait till next week! xo

Dee said...

You need your own blog! You're just as entertaining in writing as you are on T.V. Just sad we can't see your awesome ensembles. Bonus points for the Britney reference, love her!

Chasing Davies said...

Yes! I agree with you on the bad prom dresses - eeek! I loved Lisa M.'s blue one shoulder dress, Lisa P.'s black scalloped dress and Kimberly's sequin dress - so much that I figured out how to get them all ! hah! :)


LuLu said...

I agree on two accounts. Loved Lisa M's dress, and Michelle's because I think she pulled it off.

And I think you need your own blog so we can hear more from you!

Maria T said...

I agree with you about Michelle, she is undeniably gorgeous but I was very impressed by Ashley S. she seen very sweet, about Emily, I will like to wait to see more episodes to comment about her. Chantal is cute but can't wait to see her personality.Keep the blog post coming!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you do for a living but this was awesome and you could do this for a living! Can't wait to hear more from you :)

Mr Frostings said...

Nice job Natalie! I didn't know you were blogging. Very nice. I look forward to the next installment.

Jeannie said...

I'm here, Natalie, trying to log onto your blog. You did a great job with Week #1. I liked reading your comments and will have a hard time not responding with my VERY blunt opinions on here too....ha. I keep a whole clipboard going with all my reactions to the girls on the show, what they're wearing, what they say, Brad's reactions, etc. I even draw a little red rose by their name if he gives them one. Yep, I'm a true Bachelor/Bachelorette fan!