The Bachelor: Diary of the Departed

The Bachelorette's who didn't receive a rose speak out!


Sharon said...

Ben: I'm really concerned that you don't see how evil & condascending Courntey is. I hope you have figured out the best match for you by the end of the series. I think Casey B. and possibly a few others may be a great match for you. You are an awesome guy. But please consider all the ladies feelings and don't lead them on. Remember what happened to you.

I think the women on this show (generally speaking) are all so beautiful. I just hate that many of them can be soooo INSECURE, COMPETITIVE, EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE, JEALOUS, SUSPICIOUS, CATTY, MANIPULATING, NEEDY, OBSESSED & INFATUATED. I understand the feelings can grow when you spend time with someone. But come on! Get a grip ladies! You are not in a committed dating relationship with this guy. You are just getting to know him. Be a friend. Guard your heart and quit being so desperate and shallow. Don't cheapen yourself by throwing yourself on a guy or sleeping with him, when there is a chance you could be eliminated tomorrow. Have some self-respect & substance. Wait your turn. Stop interrupting someone else's quality time with the bachelor. Then when the opportunity comes to have time alone, let it be natural and express yourself. But be real - not fake. If there is a connection - then great. If not - then that's ok too. Even though Ben is great, you don't want to get stuck with the wrong guy. There is someone for everyone. Deal with your issues and be free!!!!! And be ready for the right one. If you only knew how much God loves you all, and that your identity is in Christ and His love. Not in man. May He heal you and give you perfect peace and completion. God bless you.

Sharon said...

This week had lots of surprises. I think Ben had 3 good dates with Casey B., Nikki & Lindsey. And some good quality time with Rachel and Emily. I believe 3 of these 5 will make it to the final two weeks.

As for Courtney, you finally showed a vulnerable side for a minute. But your heart is still not right. I expect to see you go home next week. Niki and Casey B., you should have had Emily's back from the beginning when she first tried to warn Ben. Ben you should have listened to her.

Emily apologized to Courtney, & that was very big of you. You have great character, and showed how small and narrow Courtney is - and would not accept your apology. Even though she is the one who should be apologizing to you. Notice Courtney always has a glass of wine in her hand, always competitive, & couldn't give Jamie a minute alone with Ben, & showing off her tata's. Give me a break. She can't seem to trust love but has to work so hard at gaming and conniving. Why is that necessary? Learn a little more subtlety not 'slutty.'

Blakely - you have really grown during this show, but still a little too agressive at times. Especially with the leg thing. You have shown a vulnerable side, particularly with the scrapbook page. Which is good. Don't be discouraged if you were not picked. Pick yourself up and move on. You're gonna make an awesome mate for someone.

Kacie S. - I am so sorry for all that happened to you this week and Ben choosing to send you home. I think it was just a judgement call on his part. I know you were trying to get over Mr. so-n-so who wouldn't commit to marrying you. It's happened to me more than once. Sad - many of the men in the generation are stuck and holding people up. Really crappy that the people who called and informed the show ruined it for you. I pray God heals you and sends you the right one in His timing. Just a side note: don't team up with people like Courtney any more. Not wise.

Jamie - bless your heart. You took some risks and put yourself out there, but you have to remember, the man is the leader, not the woman. That last time with you and Ben together was akward, uncomfortable and embarrassing for you and him both. Like he said, 'this feels like an instructional course.' He was right. It was not sensual or natural at all. I anticipated that you would probably go home, but I think the audience prefers you as a person over Courtney.