ABC Expected to make Bachelor Announcement!

ABC is keeping quiet on who will be the next Bachelor. Producers are expected to make a special announcement next month on who will become the next bachelor. The Bachelor is scheduled to air in January 2011.

Some possible options are: 
Chris Lambton
Kirk Dewidt
Craig Robinson
Someone completely new!  



Anonymous said...

Chris for sure!

Anonymous said...

I read in a magazine, they could be considering Wes or Dave too. Aren't they the bad boys?

Trish said...

Wes is out he said he was in love with Gia.

What Cris L said was he wouldn't do it unless he could change the rools. Some bachelors have alredy done that like Jason, and Jake.

Jake said he would do it again, but on this blog I saw he has a new girlfriend thank goodness.

I am going for Cris L or Craige R. It could be Kerk or Johnithen the wether man. I wouldn't go with new people.

Anonymous said...

If they pick Chris L, the ratings will be through the roof, just like Ali did for the Bachelorette.
So Abc, pls try to convince Chris and let him break some rules and pick only the good girls to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for Chris Lambton