Chris Harrison Blogs: Week 9


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Chris Harrison's blogs "Now let’s talk about Frank. I knew he was going back to Chicago to see his ex Nicole before he joined us in Tahiti. It was my understanding that Frank felt like before he could fully give himself to Ali, he needed closure on his relationship with Nicole. I understood this and actually respected the fact that he felt that strongly about it. Obviously, everything changed once he saw Nicole. The day I went to talk to Frank, I was still under the impression he had officially ended things with his ex and was ready to move on with Ali. Once I heard he wanted to talk to me that morning, I assumed something was up. Talking with Frank was difficult. I had gotten to know the guy pretty well, so I knew this was tough on him. Even though I knew he would be hurting Ali, and I was disappointed in him for that, I have to admit part of me felt a little sorry for him. I think he overthinks situations and — though I hope I’m wrong — I’m not a hundred percent sure he knows what he really wants right now in his life. I do hope I’m wrong, and I hope he and Nicole truly do love each other and find happiness together.

Much like Jason Mesnick did with Molly, Frank took a huge risk, knowing full well that most of America would be angry with him, but he did it anyway. As you could tell, Ali had absolutely no idea about any of this when she arrived that day for what she thought was going to be a romantic date. She was floored. Looking back at their relationship, though, was this really a huge surprise? Ali and Frank always seemed to have something hanging over their relationship. How many times do people try to change the bad boy, fix the problem, or become the caretaker in a relationship, and how many times does that actually work out? We’ve all done it, and we can all relate to exactly what Ali went through with Frank. I do have to give Ali major props for the line she delivered to Frank when he said that he, too, gave up everything to be here. She quickly replied “apparently not everything.” Well played, girl.

When I walked out to sit by Ali on the beach, she was crushed. I felt so bad for her. I know it’s hard for viewers to understand, but even on a good day, this process will make you question everything about yourself. For this surprise to happen this late in the process made Ali so vulnerable and feel so weak and helpless, and I hated that. This situation was completely different than Justin leaving earlier. Her relationship with Frank was very real, and she could already see a life together with him. To have the rug pulled out from under you at this point can be devastating. I was really proud to see that after a good night’s sleep and time to reflect, she showed up to deliberation with a really good perspective on life again.

I really look forward to reading your comments on Frank this week. How do you think he handled the situation with his ex Nicole? How do think he handled the situation with Ali? Does is make any difference to you if he ends up living happily ever after with Nicole? Again, the guys don’t see each other before the rose ceremonies, so they had no idea Frank was gone. You couldn’t really tell on the show, but once Roberto got there, I walked off as if I was going to get Frank. I was really just waiting for Ali to get ready. I walked back up the stairs alone, and Chris and Roberto were completely confused. Ali did a super job explaining the situation.

Some of you might ask: Would Frank have gotten a rose if he had stayed? The answer is maybe, but we’ll never know. As you saw at this point, Ali is in love or falling in love with all three of these guys. There is very little separating them at this point. That’s what makes this season so compelling. In seasons past, it’s been more cut and dry, and the choice seemed obvious. That’s just not the case this year."


Anonymous said...

I have respect for Frank but I am not convinced Nicole really wants a lifetime with Frank. He may forever look back at this as the worst mistake he has ever made.

Mary C said...

Frank has never seemed comfortable with the competition from the other guys. He ran back to safety with Nicole where he could be in charge. What girl, after hearing how much he was falling in love with another girl, says "you complete me?"

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Ali should get down on her knees and thank God Frank left the show before she had a chance to "choose" him. OMG, Frank wasn't even in the same league as Roberto and Chris, either of whom I would pick in a New York minute. Frank drove me crazy with his mental dithering and over analysis of everything. I found him boring and self-serving. Better Ali should be alone than with a man who obviously has no idea what he wants, although I'll admit it makes me doubt Ali's judgement that she would even consider someone as insecure and downright silly at times as Frank. Nicole is the one I feel sorry for...