The Bachelorette Men Tell All Preview

Where is Rated R Justin Rego in The Bachelorette Men Tell All? Last night's Bachelorette preview hinted that Justin Rego would be at the Men Tell All but we hear otherwise. According to Bachelor Blogger Reality Steve, Justin WILL NOT be at the Men Tell All taping.

  • Frank, Justin, Chris and Roberto are not at The Men Tell All.
  • Kasey and Kirk are called to the hot seat.
  • Jessie Sulidis was there but was just brought up on stage briefly to talk about what she knew about Justin.
  • Typical of seasons past. Ali was not asked anything regards to the finale while she was on stage. No “Are you happy?”, or “What’s your status?”, or “Are you engaged?” Nothing. They didn’t even show any footage from the finale either. (Reality Steve's theory is that Ali rejects both guys)..
  • Lots of talk about The Bachelor Pad!
Bachelor Pad

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