The Bachelorette Episode 2- Throw the Weatherman out the door

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Bachelorette Quotes of the Night (from Episode 2)
"I've got a beautiful girl, I'm cruising down the highway. What could go wrong?" -Frank
"When it comes to Ali, Take no prisoners." -Justin
"It's 100% chance my crotch will show." -Weatherman Jonathan says of his speedos

The Bachelorette Re-cap Week 2:

The Bachelorette begins with Chris Harrison tells the bachelor boys about their upcoming dates (Anyone else notice that all the boys are drinking champagne and orange juice? Nothing like alcohol in the morning!).

Frankie Frank goes on a One on One --> Seriously, this date could be a cheesy movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Ali and Frank run hand and hand, hug and kiss each other a lot! Ali gets ready for her date (she is SUPER bubbly) but not sure if she and Frank has a love connection (my two cents is that Frank likes Ali a little too much. Hopefully he isn't a Michelle from Jake Pavelka's season). So Ali and Frank are cruising down the highway and their car stalls at the side of the road. I'm thinking all Bachelorette fans are thinking the same thing - The Bachelorette is a multi-million dollar show, why don't you get them a car that works? They end up walking to their date to Hollywood Blvd. Read the full Bachelorette re-cap here.

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