Meet the 25 Men after Ali Fedotowsky's Heart!

According to TV Guide, the full list of bachelor boys are:

Chris H., 27, real estate developer from Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris L., 33, landscaper from Cape Cod, Mass.

Chris N., 29, entrepreneur from Orlando, Fla.

Craig M., 34, in dental sales, from Sarnia, Ontario

Craig R., 27, lawyer from Philadelphia

Derek, 28, sales manager from Warren, Mich.

Derrick, 27, construction engineer from San Diego

Frank, 31, retail manager from Geneva, Ill.

Hunter, 28, internet account executive from San Antonio

Jason, 27, construction consultant from Denver

Jay, 29, lawyer from Barrington, R.I.

Jesse, 24, general contractor from Peculiar, Mo.

John C., 32, in hotel business development, from Issaquah, Wash.

John N., 27, in engineering software sales, from Wichita, Kan.

Jonathan, 30, weatherman from Houston

Justin, 26, entertainment wrestler from Toronto, Calif.

Kasey, 27, advertising account executive from Clovis, Calif.

Kirk, 27, sales consultant from Green Bay, Wis.

Kyle, 26, outdoorsman from Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Phil, 30, investment manager from Chicago

Roberto, 26, insurance agent from Charleston, S.C.

Steve, 28, sales representative from Cleveland

Ty, 31, in medical sales, from Nashville, Tenn.

Tyler M., 25, catering manager from Austin, Texas

Tyler V., 25, in online advertising, from Chelsea

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