Site Claims Jake and Vienna are Fighting

Trouble in bachelor paradise? Check out this site for more Jake & Vienna Bachelor news. (Check out Wes' funny comments about the bachelor).

Jake and Vienna: jealousy, fights and cheating!



Anonymous said...

Both are phonies and out for 'celebrity' ONLY. Because of Jake and Vienna (and other 'scripted' events from this season's show) I will never watch again! What a joke. Mr wholesome (ha) with Ms Slut (for sure). What people will do for attention, even relaively smart people (Jake must be somewhat intelligent to be a pilot... Vienna, not) Goodbye ABC and The Bachelor Show!

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon, don't be so harsh. We've all made mistakes in our's part of what makes us human. What ABC produced with the show did them good. I mean look how many people watch! It's total entertainment where you can laugh & lose yourself in someone else's stuff for a few hours LOL It's hard not to watch to see the crazy stuff that goes on. I'm always disappointed with their choices in the end but hey, it's not my life but I will keep on watchin' the shows because they are hilarious! In Jake's case he chose wrong for the long run because she is too young for him and what he wants. She's also the type that has lived a busy night life and already he is holding her back from that. Vienna wants to have fun & she won't sit back in his shadows for long swallowing who she is while he does his 'thing.' He's being selfish but there again...She's TOO YOUNG for him!!! Watch Ali...I think she's brighter than Jake LOL