Jake Pavelka and Vienna - New Pictures!!

Check out these new photos of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi during a recent lunch date. More photos here!

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Anonymous said...

I am from the Bahamas,Vienna you rock.Jake you should be thanking the Lord for sending you a fine person like Vienna.She fought for you,and that is what I call love.She is honest what is one of the most important thing in a relationship.She is beautiful,and she is sexy.I know the guys are wishing they had a girl like her on their arm.She has a figure to die for and legs that have no end.You did good Jake.To you Vienna,always treat Jake with respect.He will do the same.Never let your romance fizzle.Keep the rose pettals comming.Always always tell him /her your love is all you need.You must always find time to be together without any distractions.Just you two.Jake treat her like the princess she is,and Vienna treat Jake like your prince.This is what you were longing for,don't let it slip away.Have a happy life I am looking forward to the wedding,I wish for you what Trista and Ryan Have.Forget about the haters don't let them into your world,they are unhappy people with themselves and with true love.Can't wait for the twins to be born.Just kidding.