Body language expert says - Jake and Vienna won't last


Vienna and Jake looking happy despite what body language expert says.

Gulp. Now a 'certified body language expert' is having her say on this bachelor couple.

According to this site, "Last night's "Bachelor Finale" was riddled with mixed messages and Jake is clearly not able to think beyond his physical infatuation for Vienna to see through these messages! There is peak physical attraction between the Vienna and Jake shown by the fact that they meet halfway when leaning in to kiss each other and both linger there comfortably while kissing, as opposed to how Tinley had to lean all the way in to Jake to kiss him......"Furthermore, Jake is embarrassed by the things Vienna says to the family shown by the way he looks down in her direction but not directly at her. But, again, Jake lets his physical attraction override all of these signs. When they embrace at the end it is clear that they are physically infatuated and want nothing more than to be together sexually at that moment. I would predict that this would last no more than 2 years if Jake actually marries her and if Vienna is able to hide her true colors much longer!" Full story here.

And in Tenley dancing news.....Tenley wishes she got the call for Dancing with the Stars! Guess the producers of DWTS missed seeing Tenley's dancing performance for Jake. Or maybe they actually did see it and decided not to call!