The Bachelor: Vienna on US Weekly


You have to feel sorry for Vienna.

The latest headline on the cover of US Weekly "Bachelor Star Vienna's Mom Worked as a Topless Dancer." A source points out to, "See how she never really mentions her mom on the show? Well, that's because her mom is a topless dancer. Or at least she used to be." What's Girardi's ex-stripper mother (whose name has not been revealed) up to nowadays? "She sells boiled peanuts on the side of 46," the source says. (Route 46 is an east-west highway in central Florida.).

The poor girl! So far all the girls in the bachelor house hate her, her ex-husband told his story and now her mom is an ex-stripper who sells boiled peanuts (that's MUCH worse than selling regular non-boiled peanuts)! Can't Vienna and Jake just be happy without all this trash talk?

Must be a slow celebrity news day for US Weekly.

The Bachelor - Vienna and Jake

Preview for Monday's show here.


Anonymous said...

ha ha. too bad Vienna's mom wasn't selling almonds at the side of the road. does anyone care, US Weekly?

Anonymous said...

US weekly has no better news than to talk about Vienna's mom selling peanuts!! This story has gotten out of control

Anonymous said...

Vienna brought this on herself. She voluntarily went on the show, voluntarily acted like a spoiled brat not caring one bit about anyone else's feelings, and voluntarily DID NOT CARE ABOUT HER BEHAVIOR ON NATIONAL TV. You can't blame others for what you do in life. She has made some poor choices and she is not mature enough to be in a relationship. Jake should know better. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous that you can't even watch the show seriously. I'm sorry no sympathy to her or Jake. They are getting exactly what they deserve. It will never Never last. Jake has turned out to be such a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the show since day 1... I would love to know what Veinna did to make all you haters hate her!!! I think Veinna is great and Im so happy she is gonna be jakes wife!! The one who was the trouble maker little witch was Ali..

Anonymous said...

She sucks! What a retard!