The Bachelor: The three remaining girls: Vienna, Gia and Tenley

If you read The Bachelor spoilers, you will know who is rumored to be the final one. But who is the right choice for Jake?

Tenley Molzahn
The sweet divorcee who might not be ready for marriage. Her ex-husband is now saying that she is also a manipulative ... and a prude.

a Girardi

"Contestant Vienna Girardi dropped a bombshell on The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka in Episode 2 of Season 14 of the popular reality competition show. Vienna told Jake that she was in a relationship with her pastor’s son for four years before breaking up with him at age 17. Her ex quickly married after the breakup and caught up in the emotional whirlpool Vienna also got married, eloping with a man she claimed she “didn’t even know.”

Gia Allemand
Gia (real first name Gina), the shy and insecure swimsuit model from New York. Gia once dated Ottawa Senators star Chris Campoli and then ex-New York Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano ended in 2007 after she allegedly caught him cheating.

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