The Bachelor: Now who is in the hot seat, Chris Harrison!

Chris Harrison with his family

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If you haven't read the new interview with Chris Harrison, here it is!

Bachelor's Women Tell All: "You Will Hear Explosive New Details" Host Promises Anything you can tell us about the finale?
Harrison: Jake said himself he's extremely happy, he loves his decision, he likes where he is, and people may not love it, but he's very happy. The entire time he's been going through this, he's never really tried to suck up to the public or done what he thinks everyone will be happy with. I like the fact that he's gone against the grain the entire time. Being the bachelor or bachelorette is really a lonely job. You're surrounded by people all the time, but it is a very isolating, lonely thing to go through. These people get butchered; personally attacked. I tell all of them, all you owe is to yourself to be honest, make your choice and go live your life.

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