Bachelorette Jillian Harris hits fashion week without Ed

The Bachelorette" seemed to have forgotten who she gave the final rose to in this year's season finale.

Jillian Harris was at the Rosa Cha fashion show Thursday in New York, but she came with also-ran Mike Steinberg, not her chosen fiance, Ed Swiderski.

With all of the charges of infidelity on Ed's part swirling, is there trouble in reality paradise?

Not according to Jillian.

"Ed was supposed to be here today, but then he didn’t book his flight, and then he tried to book his flight, and they were too expensive. So I’m here with Mike Steinberg," Jillian said at the event. "Ed was like, why don’t you have Steinberg sit in for me? That will make for some great news."

But Jillian refused to discuss the allegations that Swiderski cheated on her.

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Anonymous said...

I personally think you are not on the right road Jillian, but then I do not rule your heart you do. Reid was a perfect match for you but you just could not see the wood for the trees. I really hope this works out for you both and neither one of you gets hurt along the long and winding road.