Bachelorette Host Chris Harrison weighs in on Ed Swiderski's ex-girlfriends cheating claims

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Host of the "The Bachelorette" Chris Harrison weighed in on the allegations regarding Ed Swiderski and the two women claiming to have been romantically involved with him after proposing to Jillian Harris. Chris Harrison revealed that Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen were paid by “US Magazine” for revealing information about their alleged affair with Ed. Lindsey stated in the interview with “US Weekly” that she slept with Ed just eight days after his proposal to Jillian Harris. Both exes also claimed to have slept with Ed during the taping of the show.

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Anonymous said...

If Jillian Harris was aware of Ed's actions - the infidelities, the lying, his coarse and belittling treatment of women - and she still chose to blindly defend him, then it is difficult to feel sorry for her. She is supposedly a mature, intelligent, adult woman. Wouldn't she want to choose a man with a thread of decency to be the father of her children??? Wouldn't she want someone who would love and respect her, and be deserving of her love, trust, and respect?

Anonymous said...

well, i sure would want to hear form Ed on this subject!