Bachelorette Harris trying to reclaim her private life

Despite a season of hurdles and surprises, Vancouver's bachelorette, Jillian Harris, is working towards a strong, genuine relationship with fiance Ed Swiderski away from the media spotlight now that the fifth season of The Bachelorette has ended.

The couple secretly dated while the show was on the air and now are trying to reclaim their privacy, especially amid allegations that Swiderski was involved with two other women while on the show.

Harris is taking the gossip in stride.

"You don't have a strong, open relationship like this without a lot of hurdles," he says. "We are trying to get on with our lives and away from the limelight."

She has acknowledged there are many career opportunities coming her way as a result of the show. The reality star had to quit her job as an interior designer for Browns restaurants before taking part in The Bachelorette, but admits that her dream job has been to have her own design show on television.

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