Bachelor's Chris Soules thinks Ashley S is Nuts

In his new blog for People Magazine, Chris Soules talks about what happened on The Bachelor episode 2 (and why the hell he gave a rose to Ashley Salter). Here's what our bachelor had to say. 

On his group zombie date: "Shooting the zombies was fun, and even though some of the girls were freaked out by Ashley S. handling her gun, I thought Ashley S. was just having a good time with it all. I definitely wasn't scared of her, that's for sure. Out of all the girls, I think Jillian and Britt were the best shots." 

His date with Kenzi: "Mackenzie surprised me in all kinds of ways that night, from revealing her thoughts on aliens and my nose to revealing that she was a mother. Mackenzie's unique, for sure!"  

On Ashley S. "A lot of people have been asking me about her. They want to know if she is really that crazy. Ashley S. is definitely different. She's also beautiful. And sweet. And not that crazy. Did she say some things that were a little off-the-wall? Sure."  

His 1-on1 with Megan: "I chose Megan for my first one-on-one date simply because Megan had made a great impression that first night...Megan and I spent together there. I had no idea what she had been through just weeks prior to her coming and meeting me... She is a strong woman." 

The Bachelor returns on Monday on ABC. 

Photo via ABC

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