Interview with Leslie Hughes, The Men Tell All Special!

Leslie Hughes was the gorgeous actress from Studio City, CA from Sean Lowe's season. We recently caught up with Leslie to ask her what really happens behind-the-scenes on the taping of The Men and Women Tell All Specials.

Do Bachelor producers make you attend the Women Tell All or is it your choice?
Leslie Hughes:  Producers don't make you attend. They call you and let you know when it will be and if your open. Anyways, why would you not want to attend and see all your new family and friends, from contestants and producers!

What happens behind-the-scenes before the taping?
Leslie: Before the show, we are shuttle over in a van with four or five girls at a time and then we are put in dressing rooms until it's time to film.

What happens during the commercial break?
Leslie: During commercial breaks we have to stop taping so we are doing bathroom runs and chatting with one another. We chat with fans in the audience as well! Before taping, we are all separated from each other and our phones are taken as well again. They want to get everything on tape. Seeing one another for first time again.

Is there a big party afterwards?
Leslie: They rent out a restaurant. We have a little party, drinks, food And just enjoy each other. 

The Bachelorette Men Tell All Special airs July 22 on ABC!

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