Where does Brooks Forester Work?

Brooks Forester at Fit Marketing
Brooks Forester works in Marketing at Fit Marketing. Here's what the company says about Brooks on their blog:

"Every day is a great day when you get to work with Bachelorette contestant Brooks Forester.  As it so happens, he is sitting right across from me.  You’re jealous, aren’t you?  Just looking at his flowing hair inspires me to write blog posts like this one.  It makes me want to be a better person.
Having Brooks Forester gone for a couple months took its toll on all of us, and each of us tried to cope in different ways...We assure you, Brooks Forester is one fine product."


Anonymous said...

I really agree with you, 100%. He is a nice person, especially very honest

anna said...

Brooks Forester lost the love of his life, and going on the show, was something for him to find out if he could fall in-love. I feel that he really wanted to fall in love, but the past was still in his heart, and how his ex-girlfriend hurt him dearly. I think that for Brooks should take some time to find himself and his heart again before he ventures to another because he will never get over the one he loved, if he does not begin to heal from a broken heart. When it is time for him to meet the one, he will, but time is to heal, and to take time to understand before we move on. Life is a journey and we must take the journey to learn.