'Bachelorette Drama' Who has a Girlfriend?

Brian Jarosinski and his girlfriend back home!
Sound familiar? On every season, it seems like a Bachelor contestant comes on the show, leaving a girlfriend back home. He is definitely not here for the right reasons.

This season the guy who has a girlfriend is Brian Jarosinski, the 29 year old Financial Advisor from Baltimore. In the upcoming previews, we see Chris Harrison walk in with a girl who looks extremely angry telling someone (most likely Brian) that he is a "lying cheating pig."

Bachelor Blogger, Reality Steve, writes on his website that, "Brian Jarosinski had a girlfriend before going on the show and she showed up in some capacity, confronted him, and he was removed from the show. Not sure where it happened, but I’m sure they did it in front of the other guys since he was on the group date the day before, so they all would’ve been hanging at the mansion. The girlfriend's name is Stephanie Larimore, a single mom."

We don't know exactly what happens but lots of tears are shed and Desiree (and hopefully Stephanie) will kick this guy to the curb!

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