Lindsay Yenter gets Cozy with New Boyfriend!

Lindsay Yenter and boyfriend Karl
Sean Lowe...WHO? 

The Bachelor's, Lindsay Yenter, is so over her ex, Sean Lowe. She is now dating a new man and is very happy. Lindsay and boyfriend Karl met through her friend's boyfriend and have been inseparable ever since. Lindsay recently tweeted this photo saying "Fun night out with my love and friends ❤ #sd #pdh #tgif." 

“I am seeing somebody. I’m very happy,” Lindsay told Life & Style Magazine. “I met my new guy about a month ago...It’s crazy, once you’re done filming, you kind of realize what you want and it took about a month just to really mourn the relationship. After that, everything fell into place. I love where I live and I have a great guy in my life.”

We're glad to see that sweet Lindsay has moved on and is finally lucky in love! 

Photo: Instagram 

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