The Bachelor Recap: Tierra's Eyebrows have a Meltdown!

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They were the most dramatic eyebrows in Bachelor history. As Bachelor fans around the world cheered, Sean Lowe sent an emotional Tierra LiCausi (and her eyebrows) home broken-hearted. Here's a recap of what happened in Monday's episode of The Bachelor in St Croix.   

1-on-1 Date with AshLee Frazier "Every time I'm with Sean I get carried away." -AshLee
AshLee is thrilled when Sean takes her to their own private island, and the two quickly get into their bathing suits. What else would they wear? Their relationship seems perfect, almost too good to be true. I love AshLee but when Sean refers to her as "perfect," I'm thinking that is not a good sign. Remember when Emily Maynard kept calling Sean "the perfect man?" He soon found himself crying in the limo ride home. Anyways, their relationship did grow stronger after AshLee revealed to him that she was married when she was 17 years old. Of course, perfect Sean said the most perfect things and AshLee fell more in love with him and admitted she loved him. Bachelor Mystery: What's with the spelling of AshLee instead of Ashley? Off camera, I'm sure Sean has asked her this.
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1-on-1 Date with Tierra LiCausi "I'm hot, I'm gross, I'm thirsty." -Tierra
Tierra finally gets her solo date with Sean and they explore the town of St. Croix. Sean confronts Tierra about her behavior in the house and her relationship with the other women. The rest of their date seemed a little strained but it didn't seem to stop Sean from making out with her. Tierra is worried about receiving a rose and she can't wait to get back to the hotel and have a pleasant chat catfight with AshLee.

Group Date with Lindsay, Catherine and Desiree
You know it's going to be a great group date when your date wakes you up at 4:00a.m (video tapes you sleeping) and tells you to get dressed quickly to see the morning sunrise. Lindsay, Catherine and Desiree seem like low maintenance girls and they got dressed relatively quickly to meet Sean for their date. High maintenance girls who would have been horrified to see Sean without make-up: Tierra, AshLee and Selma. The girls watch the sunrise and each of them gets some quality time with Sean.

I love the connection between Lindsay and Sean. She is playful and sweet and I wouldn't have guessed that she would have made it this far. Lindsay should really surprise Sean and wear a wedding dress on her hometown date. Sean is impressed by Lindsay as well and she gets the rose. It's nice to see Catherine finally opening up to Sean, and they seem like a sweet couple. Catherine reveals that she has a bad relationship with her father and he tried to commit suicide when she was young. Sean is shocked by her confession and they seem to grow closer.
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1-on-1 Date with Lesley Murphy "I just need Sean and the water and I'm all good." -Lesley M
Lesley is excited about her solo date with Sean and he is worried that they haven't connected on a romantic level. They explore the Mt. Washington sugar plantation and share a couple of small kisses along the way. In the end, Lesley gets trapped in the friend zone, and Sean later sends her home.

As Bachelor Pad's, Kalon McMahon, would say, there is a lot of "baggage" in the house. If Sean didn't want drama in his life, he sure is getting a lot of emotional women confessing their secrets.

Here is the drama recap:
Tierra: "The girls hate me and I have no idea why!"
AshLee: "I was married at 17 years old and Tierra sucks."
Catherine: "My friend died from a falling tree when I was younger and my dad tried to commit suicide. Can I have a rose?"
Selma: "My parents will kill you if I kiss you on national TV."
Desiree: "I turned out normal but I use to live in a tent." 

Goodbye Tierra
Bachelornation cheered when Sean sent an emotional Tierra home, surprised and broken-hearted.The Bachelor was planning to introduce Tierra to his sister, Shay, but changed his mind after he found her having an emotional breakdown in the hotel. Shay warns her brother about being with a woman who everyone hates and he finally agrees. Sean sends Tierra home and she cries in the limo mumbling something about the girls not being able to take away her sparkle. Huh?

Next week, Sean will visit the hometowns of his four remaining women:
AshLee, 32, personal organizer, Houston, TX
Catherine, 26, graphic designer, Seattle, WA
Desiree, 26, bridal stylist, Los Angeles, CA
Lindsay, 24, substitute teacher, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

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